41 dead in aircraft fire in Moscow; Experts look for reasons why

MOSCOW: Russian Relief Workers Have Recovered 41 Bodies And Two Flight Recorders From The Wreck Of An Aircraft That Catches Fire During An Emergency Landing In Moscow, Officials Said Monday As They Tried To Find Out The Cause Of The Disaster.

Minister Of Transport Yevgeny Dietrich Gave The Death Valley And Said That Six Of The Survivors Were Included In The Hospital. The Plane, An Aeroflot SSJ100, Carried 78 People, Including Five Crew Members.

The Plane Caught Fire On Sunday Evening At 6:30 Pm. When It Struck Hard On The Runway At Moscow ' S Sheremetyevo Airport After Returning From A Flight Destined For Murmansk. The Landing Took Place About Half An Hour After Take-off, Indicating That The Aircraft Had Little Time To Dump Its Fuel.

The Videos Show Desperate Passengers Rushing Along Emergency Slides From The Plane ' S Front Part While Black Smoke Rippled.

One Of The Dead Was Steward Maxim Moiseev, Dietrich Said.

Russian News Reports, Which Mention Sources Without A Name, Said The Moiseev Was In The Rear Part Of The Aircraft, Which Went Up In Flames And Tried In Vain To Use An Evacuation Slide.

The Most Important Research Center Of Russia ' Said Both Plane Recorders - Data And Speech - Have Been Restored.

Commission Spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko Was Also Quoted By Russian News Agencies On Monday When They Said Investigators Were Investigating Three Major Options Behind The Cause Of The Disaster: Inexperienced Pilots, Equipment Failure And Bad Weather.

There Were Storms Through The Moscow Area When The Aircraft Made Its Emergency Landing. The Reason Why The Pilots Decided To Make An Emergency Landing Has Not Been Announced.