Written update of Tula Pahate Re, July 8, 2019: Jhende tries to make a deal with Jalindar

The last episode of Tula Pahate Re begins with Jaydeep informing Jalinder about Isha's pregnancy. In this regard, Jalindar alerts Jaydeep saying that his plan could fail if Isha becomes involved with Vikrant. But at the same time, he promises Jaydeep that he will help him find Vikrant.

Meanwhile, Jhende's spy, who is following Jaydeep, listens to his conversation with Jalindar and reveals it to Jhende.

Myra goes to Saranjame's house to find out where Vikrant is. But, she is surprised when Soniya tells her that Vikrant has been kidnapped. Aaisaheb tells the whole story to Myra. And after seeing Isha in a state of disturbance, Myra cares for her.

Later, Jhende keeps thinking about the names of the people who can tell Isha's truth to Vikrant. He also decides to kill Isha thinking that he could hurt Vikrant.

Isha then goes to her parents' place and starts crying. But before she knows her parents, Rupali and Bipin stop her. They try to calm her down. But she continues to cry and tells her parents about Vikrant's abduction.

Finally, Jalindar calls Jhende and tells him to free Vikrant from his custody. But, in return, Jhende gives him a deal. Jhende asks Jalindar to tell Vikrant that Isha is the rebirth of Rajnandini and is also making plans against him (Vikrant).