Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke, written update, July 8, 2019: Meenakshi and Kunal decide to keep Abir away from Mishti

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Abir offers to take Parul Maasi to the temple and on her way she asks Abir what happened in the house of Maheshwari.

In the house of Rajvansh, Kunal tells Meenakshi that he is not in love with Kuhu but that he always wanted his brother to overcome Mishti. Kunal asks Meenakshi if he wants to hurt Kuhu to keep Abir away from Mishti. Meenaskhi says she is afraid that, like her husband, Abir may leave them for Mishti.

Mishti sends a message to Abir asking him if everything is fine at home. Suddenly he sees Mishti in the temple. Mishti tells him to leave before his family sees him. Abir tells Parul to give him permission to talk to Maheshwaris. Abir meets Rajshri and promises that he will be on Kuhu's side and will always support her.

Rajshri had doubts about Meenakshi's intentions. Abir tries to talk to Mishti about the painting he did, but she leaves angry. Mishti receives a call from Yashpal asking for Abir. She worries about Abir, but promises Nanu that she will find him.

She goes to the NGO office and comes to know that Abir went to buy goods but has not returned. She cares for him. Kunal promises Meenakshi to protect Abir from Mishti.

Mishti tries to call Abir but can not communicate with him. Meenakshi comes to know that Mishti is looking for Abir. She gets angry after knowing that Abir tried to talk to Maheshwaris. She yells at Parul for hiding things from her. Mishti tries to find Abir and gets the number of his car from the NGO. It shows that Abir has encountered an accident.