Written update of Seetha Kalyanam, July 8, 2019: Kalyan is in a solution

In the last episode of Seetha Kalyanam , Rajeshwari and Venu meet with Shreya and inform him that the result of the DNA test is out. They confront her for cheating everyone and ask her to be ready to leave the house.

Meanwhile, Seetha enters the house with the results of the tests and is visibly upset. Kalyan rushes to Seetha and reads the result. But, Kalyan is destroyed. He hands the documents to Swathi. Swathi tells everyone that the result of the test indicates that Chikku is Kalyan's daughter. Everyone is surprised, but Rajeshwari says that the result is false.

Shreya says that it is now proven that Chikku is Kalyan's daughter. She asks Kalyan to accept her daughter and take care of her in the future.

Later, Shreya thanks Seetha for performing the DNA test and apologizes for bothering her.

Kalyan is devastated. Start crying in front of Rajeshwari and Venu. He apologizes to them for spoiling the family's reputation. Rajeshwari comforts him by saying he does not believe in the DNA test result. Kalyan screams that he can not face Seetha, the woman who loves him so much.

Later, Shreya packs her bag and tends to leave the house leaving Chikku with Kalyan. Realizing this, Rajeshwari orders Shreya to also take Chikku. The duo ends in a heated argument and Seetha interrupts. Seetha orders that both Chikku and Shreya should not leave the house. Kalyan and Rajeshwari criticize Seetha for the decision. But Seetha responds that she needs your presence to solve the case.