Ke Apon Ke By written update, July 8, 2019: Joba invites Palak to bid.

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke Por , Lata becomes emotional upon seeing. Koel at home Amiya and Koel share a candid moment.

Koel asks her grandfather why he did not meet her in the hospital. Amiya shares that I can not see her in pain.

Tin feeds Kuhu and Koel their favorite sweet dishes. Both the girls become happy. Palak and Saheli look at them from a distance.

Palak says that Lata is a fantastic cook and she wants to have those delights. Saheli says he will order sweet dishes from the store. But Palak discourages her and adds that she should eat homemade food.

Joba suggests performing puja at home, Lata welcomes the idea. Joba reports Koel about Palak's family living separately. Palak turns emotional seeing them.

Sukanta comes to their place, Joba welcomes him and informs about the puja. He offers all the help needed.

Joba says that she will pray to god for everyone's well-being. Suddenly Joba enters the kitchen and seeing her Saheli strongly reacts.

Joba reports that Koel and Kuhu have comeback and they need her blessing. A helpless Palak tries hard to stop her tears. Joba realizes the situation and requests her attending the puja.

While the family members prepare for the puja, Lata comes and shares that she may feel a bad omen.

Joba and Param enter Koel - Kuhu 's room and discuss the incident that took place in the morning. Koel and Kuhu overhear the conversation.