Did Satyajit Ray have his differences with two iconic music directors?

Vilayat khan he made some background tunes out of the world for 'Jalsaghar', creating an essence of the decadent era of the Bengali zamindari. However, not many people know that there are also some bitter memories.

Vilayat khan did not see eye to eye with Satyajit Ray in certain matters He had even claimed that Ray did not allow him to score independently.

Ray's work experience with Ali Akbar Khan in 'Devi' was also a worse one. Though 'Devi' gave us an unforgettable score, Ali Akbar Khan was not satisfied working with the Auteur. He even accused Ray of excessive interference and had doubts about Ray's knowledge of Indian classical music .

Interestingly, the utmost gentleman that he was, Satyajit Ray never bore any grudge against these music icons nor commented about the incidents. Instead, I have made his mind to compose music for his films. I have realised though these masters were unmatchable musicians, they could not understand what I have exactly wanted in their films.