Written update of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, July 8, 2019: Anurag prepares the wedding date.

At last episode of Kasinda Zindagii Kay , the basus and the sharmas are waiting. Prerna back home. Mohini He says Anurag That Prerna has lived up to her name.

As Prerna enters, Mohini welcomes her with an open heart. Anurag announces that you have preponed the wedding date and the two will get married in a day's time. Prerna is shocked to hear this is her wedding to Mr. Bajaj is also on the same day.

Veena wonders how to handle all the wedding preparations. Mohini assures them everything will go smoothly.

At Mr. Bajaj’s home, he is keeping a tab on all the preparations. Ronit comes and accuses him of revealing his identity at the court. Mr. Bajaj He says him in the game of chess, nothing is impossible without a king. He announces about his marriage and hands over a good sum of money and passport to Ronit. However, Ronit refuses them and He says him that he will return to seek revenge on all of them.

The priest announces that they should follow some rituals to carry on the wedding smoothly. Anurag takes Prerna to his room. He removes the vermillion from her forehead and the pious thread that was tied around her neck. Anurag He says her that now they are free from their incomplete marriage and now ready to get married with all rituals. Prerna thinks of it as a bad omen.

Nivedita comes to handover their wedding card. Anurag takes the card and goes to invite Mr. Bajaj. He too, informed Anurag about his private wedding.