2019 World Cup: Hope Rohit Sharma gets two more tons, says Virat Kohli

WORLD CUPWORLD CUP MANCHESTER: One of the most attractive aspects of the Indian World Cup campaign has been to observe virat Kohli in the interactions of the media. Purely from the point of view of a journalist, the balance, eloquence and vivacity that Kohli brings to the table adds value to what could be a mundane exercise.

Kohli has also become the role of a leader and is now more confident, allowing him to see and enjoy the comic side of cricket. On Monday, Kohli was in his element when he advanced to the semifinal against New Zealand.

Throughout the World Cup, Kohli has been relaxed and positive, even after a show below the team's par. It was not different on Monday. When asked how the team felt, he said: The mood is great. All are very calm, very confident. It's been a long tournament, it's been a lot of hard work, a lot of intense games. So, we are Really, really happy to have reached the semifinals.

When differentiating a league game from a qualifying match, Kohli said: In the stages of a league, when you know you need a victory to qualify, the team is a little more relaxed and you know you can go out and try some things. But in elimination games, you must be very precise and intense at the same time. This is more similar to the more difficult situations that arise in the test cricket.


Kohli called New Zealand an experienced team that knew how to play elimination games. Both teams have enough experience to play these games. New Zealand was on the last time and they know how to play the elimination games and have had a wonderful World Cup again. calculated is a better chance to win.

Kohli recognized India's bowling attack as one of the best in the World Cup, the way we have played in low-scoring games, even returning to the game when the boys have been beaten ... they have shown a lot character

Rohit Sharma It has five hundred so far, but you have none that is unusual. Are you missing a hundred, considering the consistency with which you get them?

Not at all. It has been a different kind of role than what I had to play in this World Cup and, as team captain, I have been open to playing any kind of role that the team wants me to do. Personal Honestly, milestones are something that nobody focuses on. In a team sport, you need to adapt and I am very happy to play that role and I hope you get two more to be able to win two more games.

Kohli, regarded by many as the greatest ODI player ever, called Rohit Sharma the best right now. It's an outstanding achievement, I have been outstanding and I have deserves all the credit, according to me, I have the top ODI player in the world at the moment.

By giving an idea of ​​how the team handled the pressure, Kohli said: For the Indian team, all the matches are full of pressure. There are always stadiums full and people expect you to do well, and there is always pressure, as well as opportunities. But we are well equipped to handle such situations.