The center can force the mixture of silicone with rubber to make tires: Gadkari

NEW DELHI: The government is considering making it mandatory for tire manufacturers to mix silicon to improve quality and use to reduce the number of tire explosions, the minister of road transport Nitin Gadkari he said on Monday.

In response to a question in the Upper House about the fatal traffic accident in which 29 lives were claimed, Gadkari said the government of Uttar Pradesh created a committee to investigate the reasons behind the accident. He said that 133 people died on this cement highway in 2016, 146 in 2017 and 111 in 2018.

Gadkari's comments come amid increasing cases of tire bursts on concrete roads. These occur mainly due to the performance of the tire at a lower pressure but at a high speed. The use of nitrogen is useful since the gas remains in the tire for longer than normal air. Therefore, the possibility that the tire loses pressure is lower when it is filled with nitrogen. It also keeps the tire cooler and there is less stress.

The minister also appealed to opposition parties to help approve the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill when asked why the government was not enforcing enforcement of traffic regulations. I have been seeking your help to pass the bill during the last year, saying that people are dying on our roads ... This problem has nothing to do with politics. Please support the account, he said.

Piyush Tewari, founder of the Savelife Foundation, said: There is an urgent need to improve the enforcement of the law on our roads. In 2017, more than 9,000 people lost their lives in preventable bus accidents. The other urgent action required is in engineering issues. Most of our roads lack crash barriers and other infrastructure measures that can prevent a crash from becoming fatal.