Rahul, not BJP, behind the Karnataka crisis: Rajnath Singh

NEW DELHI: Minister of Defense Rajnath singh on Monday he rejected the accusation of Congress that his party was stealing their MLA and said Rahul Gandhi's decision to resign was the real trigger for the spate of resignations in the opposition party.

What is currently happening in Karnataka, we have no connection with that, he said, responding to the question raised by the leader of Congress in the House of Representatives. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury during the zero hour.

Congress alleged that BJP was plotting a conspiracy to overthrow the Karnataka government. Chowdhury said that immediately after the MLA met with the governor, the vehicles, the plane and the hotel facilities were in place.

Singh refuted the Congress and TMC charges that BJP was instrumental in Karnataka's resignations. Rahul Gandhi started the series of resignations and asked the leaders of his party to resign. You must have seen that several veteran leaders of Congress have resigned and continue. I do not understand why BJP is blamed for this, he said.

Our party has nothing to do with what is happening in Karnataka. If we look at the history of our party, BJP has never surrendered or tried to put pressure on the MLA or MP of the rival party. Our party is committed to protecting the dignity of parliamentary democracy, continued Singh.