Listen to your own voice: the advice of Katrina Kaif to her sister Isabelle Kaif

If written for your appearance, hot body and dance prowess, Katrina Kaif She has come a long way. She got critics and the masses to recognize her acting skills in her recent films. So, who better than her to advise her sister Isabelle, who is ready to make her Bollywood debut with Time to dance ? When asked about the pearls of wisdom she had shared with her sister, Katrina told BT: I always tell my sister that if you are a director or an actor, you must have nerves of steel to be in the industry of the cinema. Is not easy.

But that is not all. Speaking of that good advice she gave Isabelle, the actress said: Make sure you do what you want. Do not look at anyone else as an example or follow your path. You should try to listen to your own voice.

Surely it is good advice from an older sister who wants to help the child to settle in an unknown world, but at the same time fight their own battles.