Sid Sriram will debut as a composer.

We previously informed that Govind Vasantha (of 96 celebrities) will be composing music for Vikram Prabhu Vaanam Kottatum , which is being directed by Dhana for the banner of Mani Ratnam. However, now we have learned that the singer Sid Sriram He has replaced the composer and will be recording the music for the film, which will begin filming this month in Chennai.

Siva Ananth, executive producer of the banner, says, We did speak to Govind for the project. The film was supposed to take off earlier but it took some time. Eventually, the dates did not work out with Govind. We wanted a young talent for the film and approached Sid Sriram.

Sid adds with enthusiasm: We are going to present a completely new sound. I am in the initial stages of conceptualizing music at this time. I have had many conversations with the director Dhana Sekaran to obtain the different emotional textures of the film. I began to sketch the different sound and musical spaces that I want these songs to occupy. I have also been able to have some key conversations with Mani sir, which have been very encouraging.