Fall of Congress govt in MP as Karnataka can not be ruled out, says BJP

BHOPAL: The BJP of Madhya Pradesh has asked its legislators to be alert to political developments in Karnataka. Party leaders said that the fall of Kamal Nath The government in Madhya Pradesh as Karnataka could not be ruled out at any time.

The BLA MLA meeting convened on Monday decided to form a shadow cabinet to counter the state government led by Congress on issues that helped the old party retain power in the state. The meeting also discussed plans to counter the Congress government on central issues related to the public.

The government of Congress will fall alone. Before the elections of Lok Sabha, when the government assumed power, Congress thought Congress would fulfill all the promises made to them. But Congress failed. This resulted in an insulting defeat of the old party in the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP will not overthrow the congressional government, but the fate of Congress can not be ruled out as in Karnataka, opposition leader (LoP) Gopal Bhargava said on Monday.

BJP, which has been raising the issue of a shaky government in the midst of fissures in the old party that emerged during a recent cabinet meeting, also drew a strategy against the failures of the Congress government. The leaders of major parties and former ministers have been asked to be part of the shadow cabinet that will produce discrepancies in the functioning of ministers and their departments. They will be the guiding force for other MLAs that will maintain control of the lapses committed by the ministers of Congress, the sources said.

We will supervise the ministers and work in their departments. The government of the Congress had promised, free supply of energy to the poor, justified price of their products to the farmers, housing for the homeless, but the party is making an alibi for the shortage of funds. Instead, the party is engaged in massive transfers and a lot of money is being spent on ministerial renewal, Bhargava said.

BJP leaders believed that Congress was dealing with the internal crisis that arose after the resignation of the party president. Rahul Gandhi . The senior leaders in the party are also undecided about the fate and, adding something, the developments in Karnataka have made them concerned about the future of the party in Madhya Pradesh.

The BJP MLA must be alert to all political activities in the state. Congress fears the fate of the party and the saffron workers are hoping that the old party will collapse on its own, Bhargava said.

Congress has gained shame over the past seven months through massive transfers and a bad situation of law and order. We must make the public aware of all these problems. BJP has its workers at the block level as the main force and public support will help the party retain power, said BJP state president Rakesh Singh.

The party gas decided to submit a motion for postponement on outstanding issues and raise public problems to corral the ministers of Congress. Special instructions have also been given to the first time the MLAs on important issues and how to participate in the debate at home, the sources said.