World Cup: Joe Root remains calm in the middle of an Australian talk

BIRMINGHAM: Joe Root It is determined that the spicy nature of England's last clash with Australia will not be a distraction when the rivals meet in the World Cup final.

The host of the tournament England and the reigning champion Australia will close the horns in the second semifinal on Thursday in Edgbaston in a match that will take place a few weeks before the start of the series Ashes among the old enemies.


Australia out of tour Nathan Lyon He has already done everything possible to destabilize England by insisting that it is his World Cup to lose.

But Root, a member of the England team that lost to Australia in the group stage, told reporters in Edgbaston on Monday: Nathan has a lot to say, many times, so you just take it with a pinch of salt.

It could be a way to take the pressure off yourself and your team. I try not to get too involved to be honest.

I think there have been times in the games where it has become a bit spicy and there have been some exchanges in the field.

But overall, we're going to do things our own way and prepare as best we can, added Root, who was involved in an infamous altercation with Australian David Warner at a Birmingham bar during the 2013 Champions' Trophy.

England have not yet won the World Cup and made the last of their three losing appearances in the final in 1992, while the five-time Australian champion has never lost a World Cup semifinal.

England, however, have won 10 of the last 12 international matches of a day between the teams.

Much has been done about the fear factor when playing against Australia, but I think that this group of players over the last four years, their experiences against Australia are very positive, said Root.

They were very successful at the bank. We will take advantage of the confidence that for a long period of time we have had success against Australia and we should take that to Thursday.

It's a great opportunity and a great week, it feels special.