PM Modi will meet with parliamentarians who have held a ministerial position in the Center or in the state government

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi All BJP parliamentarians who have held ministerial positions at the Center or in the state will meet later this week, sources said Monday.

It will also hold separate meetings, one with all women parliamentarians of the BJP and one with women parliamentarians under 45, they said.

These meetings are part of a series of meetings planned by the party to introduce BJP parliamentarians to the Prime Minister, a source said.

In total, seven meetings of this type of BJP parliamentarians have been planned with the prime minister. Modi has already met with party MPs from the OBC, SC and ST categories.

These meetings have been planned so that BJP parliamentarians from both houses have the opportunity to interact directly with the prime minister, who can guide them and discuss various issues, especially those related to the parliament, said a BJP leader.

A deputy, who attended one of these meetings, said that Modi interacted directly with them and that it was more an informal meeting.

Ministers of the Union are not part of these meetings, unless the Minister of the Interior Amit Shah , who is also president of BJP and minister of parliamentary affairs.

Meetings are usually held at the official residence of Prime Minister 7 Lok Kalyan Marg.

This will be Modi's first series of meetings with the newly elected parliamentarians of the 17th. Lok Sabha .

During the period, the prime minister met with parliamentarians from several states in each session of Parliament, where he spoke to them about the government's agenda.