The witness of Pancha is identified in the court, bicycles were found in Malegaon after the explosion of 2008 in the sitting

MUMBAI: Almost 11 years after six people died when an explosive device attached to a motorcycle was shot near a mosque, on September 29, 2008, a witness appeared before a lower court that identified two motorcycles found in the place, after the explosion. A motorcycle -LML Freedom-, according to the indictment, is registered in the name of the member of the Bharatiya Janata Parliament (BJP) of the Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur Parliament of Madhya Pradesh, who is facing trial for the explosion. Bicycles were shown as evidence during the trial in progress.

Two motorcycles - one was a unicorn Sling and another LML Freedom, along with five bicycles were brought to court as evidence from the ATS office in Kala Chowkie, where they were stationed.

The witness in court was one of the two gangs of confiscation of the bicycles from the place after the explosion, in Malegaon, in the district of Nashik, about 250 km from Mumbai. There were 33 items seized during the panchanma. These seven bicycles were the last remaining items that occurred in court during the NIA trial. The others were already produced and taken into the record, including fragments of bombs, blood smears, burned items and shoes.

The five cycles were wrapped in a jute bag and carried stamps and signatures of panchas and police.

The panchanama made by the local crime branch shortly after the explosion said that the two bicycles were also wrapped and sealed.

But when they occurred in court, they were not in a jute bag and there was no seal or signature of the panchas.

A judge from the National Investigation Agency (NIA), Judge Vinod Padalkar, appeared together with the witness Shakeel Khalifa, the special prosecutor Avinash Rasal, the defense lawyers JP Mishra and Prashant Maggoo and one of the defendant Sameer Kulkarni and others where the bicycles were parked. The court complex in Mumbai.

The judge recorded that the bike was silver-gold. The headlight box and the front fender were visible.

The witness in his statement on the questions posed by the SPP Rasal had previously stated that the LML Freedom bicycle was a golden color.

Mishra, Sadhvi's defense attorney, began to question the witness and he will continue the cross on Tuesday.

The NIA that took over the anti-terrorist squad (ATS) investigation in 2011 gave Sadhvi a clean piece and tried to dismiss the case against him after concluding that the motorcycle was not in his custody, but was being used. for a wanted partner. He accused Ramji Kalsangra for more than two years before the explosion. The ATS had said that Kalsangra was his partner to whom he had provided the bicycle.