The advice of the wife of Kargil martyred to the aspirants of the army: do not fear the danger, join the forces

HYDERABAD: A Suryapet member has a tip for anyone who approaches her to ask her to join the army. Sharada, wife of whom he was murdered in 1999, tells them: It is a privilege to serve the country and protect it. Do not be afraid of any danger.

Not being afraid of any danger were actually the words of her husband. Is not it dangerous to be in the army? Sharada had asked her husband, Lance Naik Gopaiah Chary, during the first years of their marriage. One should not be afraid of danger. And what is more important than facing danger to protect the country? , Answered. When they were attacked with a bomb by the enemy, exploded in them, eight members of the 315th Field Regiment died in the war.

Lance Naik Gopaiah Chary came face to face with the danger and died fighting for the country to protect him in the Kargil war. But Sharada was not prepared to hear the news of her husband's death. On July 3, 1999, when he went to visit his parents, some visitors arrived. He poured water for them and wanted to serve them tea. He was asked to enter the house and it was communicated to Gopaiah's parents that his son had died in the Kargil War.

Sharada fell unconscious when her mother-in-law broke the news. Even during the funeral procession, he fainted several times. The next day, we received a letter that he had published a few days before he was killed. He said in the letter that he was fine and that the family should not worry about him, Sharada recalled.

Gopaiah Chary's five-year-old daughter, Mounika, was not willing to believe that her father no longer existed. The family did not hesitate to tell him that his father had been murdered. Give me a gun I will shoot those who killed my father, said Mounika, as her mother recalled. But only after a few years was it clear to him how his father had died. He often asked why his father had not sent him gifts for his birthday. So we used to pack some gifts and send them through a courier service, Sharada recalled.

With visits to army units in Golconda and elsewhere, Mounika understands that her father had died fighting for the country. I am proud that my father died for the country, Mounika told TOI. She has just completed her bachelor's degree and plans to study MBA and is also involved in social work.

Gopaiah Chary was convinced that he should join the army and had been serving for 15 years before the Kargil war. He was a strong-willed person, his older brother Anjaneyulu said.

Each year, on her death anniversary, Sharada conducts a program to distribute clothing, notebooks and other materials to students. Sharada runs a gas agency that was granted by the center after the death of her husband. Although, according to the rules, five acres of agricultural land must also be delivered to a family of martyrs in the district, this has not yet happened, he said.

Sharada has remained strong after the death of her husband. I tell myself that he is still working and published somewhere. That gives me the courage to continue with life. I would never want to see myself as a weak person, said Sharada.