I'm not afraid, says Kumaraswamy.

BENGALURU: In his first comments after 13 MLAs resigned and sank the government of the JDS-Congress coalition in a crisis, Karnataka's prime minister said on Monday he was not afraid of political developments and concentrated on fulfilling his responsibilities.

Kumaraswamy, who returned from his 10-day trip to the United States on Sunday night, chatted with reporters at the state secretariat after talks with officials and farmers' representatives about the revival of a sugar factory in Mandya.

I am not afraid of political developments, I will not discuss political developments ... I have nothing to do with what the BJP people are doing and what others are doing, he said.

Kumaraswamy added: In the current situation, I have the responsibility to govern the state, my attention is focused on fulfilling that responsibility. I have not paid any attention to political events, there is no such need for me.

The JDS leader evaded a direct response to a question about the resignation of 13 MLA from the combination and simply said To see.

The coalition government will be on the verge of losing its majority if the President of the Assembly accepts the resignations of the MLA since its strength will be reduced to 104 in the assembly of 224 members, where the halfway mark is 113.

The resignation of the minister and MLA H Nagesh Independiente on Monday and his withdrawal of support gave another blow to the unstable government.

The total strength of the JD (S) -Congress coalition after Nagesh withdrew its support was 117 (Congress-78, JD (S) -37, BSP-1 and Independents-1), in addition to the speaker, who also has a vote.

With Nagesh, the BJP has a strength of 106.