The success of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala has brought financial stability to my life, says Mohit Malik

Actor Mohit Malik He recently took his daughter on screen Aakriti Sharma To a Gurudwara in the city. The actors play father and daughter in the musical drama Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

The show is a huge hit among kids and audiences love this father-daughter duo. caught up with the two and Mohit Malik took a moment when asked how life has changed after the show. After a brief pause, Mohit said, I am happy that people have finally accepted me as a hero. Earlier, I did a show in which I played a negative lead and after that, Kulfi ... happened. I won awards in the negative role and now I won an award in a positive role as well. I have worked really hard. Financially too, life has become better. Mentally, I am happy and it's motivating.

He adds that without being partial as an actor in the program, I feel very proud to see Kulfi as part of Indian television.

In the midst of all the shows aimed at women, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala He is winning hearts with the portrait of the adorable chemistry of the father-daughter duo and the main actor Mohit sees it as a breakthrough. Adding more, he says, is a milestone and there are many reasons. The show started as a musical and such concepts never worked. There is no heroin in the program, heroin dies in the first months. And we have the tenderness and determination of Aakriti aka Kulfi. The show has also beautifully portrayed a father-daughter relationship. We have crossed about 200 original compositions and we do not have such a program on television. We have worked hard to get where we are now.

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Aakriti Sharma, who plays the role of Kulfi says, People mostly address me Kulfi but they also ask me my real name. They always have many questions to ask about the show and I answer them all. Mohit adds saying, I get to learn a lot from Aakriti. They are raw and unconditioned. I might take hours to prepare a scene and she shocks me every time the director says, 'Action'. She is very spontaneous.