Delnaaz: 'I hate when people say yes, the comedy of sirf karti hai'

Delnaaz Irani she says she is tired of doing only comedy roles and now wants to experiment with other genres. The actress, who has performed several shows such as Yes Boss and Comedy Circus, is now doing theater. Delnaaz says: It seems like I've been doing comedy for years. I am an underrated actor when it comes to film and television. The theater is the only place that has given me the opportunity to show my talent. I am grateful for the theater that has given me the opportunity to prove my worth as an actor. PKS_2384 - Copy

The actress believes that the creators of films and television programs do not want to see her doing nothing but comedy. I feel bad when people say, 'Yeh toh sirf comedy hi karti hai'. I know that my audience has accepted me in that role. But as an actor, I'm not satisfied with what I'm doing. And that's when I decided to move towards the theater because my hunger is fulfilled on stage. Here, I have the freedom to explore and strive. My director is confident that I can take the game forward, she says.


In the life of an actor, Delnaaz adds: The actors have no expiration date. But yes, as they get older, they need to experiment with the kind of roles they play. Now I feel I can do mature roles. I would love to play a young mother in a Bollywood movie. I would love to be the screen mom of Alia Bhatt or maybe be Tiger Shroff. I'm sure I'll make a nice mom for the young actors. Obviously, I can not be friends with a heroine at this age, why not be a mother?