The faith of the people in EC is shaken: the head of MNS, Thackeray, writes to the CCA

NEW DELHI: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray On Monday he met with the head of electoral commissioners, Sunil Arora, and presented a five-page letter, in which he raised several points to argue that people's confidence in the EC had weakened.

Many individuals and organizations have communicated to their immense dissatisfaction with the manner in which they are being conducted in the last few years and have raised numerous questions regarding EVMs, Raj Thackeray said in the five-page letter that had Restoring faith in the election process in the country, as the subject line.

Our concerns are on two levels, first: with respect to the EVMs and their use, and second, with respect to the election process of Lok Sabha 2019, the letter said. He submitted a memorandum and discussed his concern with EC officials. The meeting lasted 45 minutes.

Thackeray said he is confident that the Electoral Commission will make every effort to calm their doubts and not simply ignore the letter.

Last month, the EC sought details of the expenses of the meetings of the head of MNS. According to reports, Thackeray held almost a dozen public demonstrations for the Lok Sabha elections, although his party did not present a single candidate for the polls.

Addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah, Thackeray had asked voters not to vote for his party and allies to ensure Modi's defeat in the general election.

The opposition parties have been raising doubts about the credibility of the EVM. However, the Electoral Commission has rejected such claims saying that the machines can not be hacked.