VAR will not take a tough stand with handball in the Premier League: Riley

the Assistant video referee ( VAR ) will not be used to monitor a hard line in hand balls when the technology is used in the Premier League For the first time next season, the referee chief. Mike Riley has said.

VAR made a controversy-filled debut in the women's game at World Cup level, baffling players and coaches as well as frustrating fans.

Riley said several penalties granted by handball at the tournament, as well as in last season's Champions League, would not be given in the Premier League.

"There are still areas of interpretation around the way the new handball has been written — effectively what you consider to be an unnatural position of hands and arms," he told the Times on Monday.

En este país siempre hemos dicho, y esto es lo que nos dicen the jugadores y the gerentes, que las armas son parte del juego y siempre que no intentes extender tu cuerpo para bloquear un tiro, hay más posibilidades de hacerlo. que no penalizamos.

Lo que no queremos crear es una cultura en la que the defensores tengan que defender con las manos detrás de la espalda o donde sea aceptable que the atacantes intenten perforar el balón en su mano para ganar una penalización.

the new law states that players "taking a risk" by having hands or arms above shoulder height or in an "unnatural position" and making the body "unnaturally bigger" should be penalised, even if the handball is not deliberate.

However, Riley said that Premier League officials would need to be convinced that the defense was deliberately attempting to create a bigger barrier for an opponent rather than to extend their arms to balance.

He said that Premier League fans could expect a delay to the game only eleven in five matches and the referee would not go to the pitchside monitor unless the VAR 's view was radically different from what the on-field expected to hear.

There have been examples at the Women's World Cup, really, subjective decisions, where it has taken three or four minutes and you can avoid that as long as the advice of the VAR has given you something that the referee expects, Riley added.

Where you have to be careful is to not use VAR to re-referee the game. You have to trust the people out there on the field of play as the players do.