Next, it explains why 'Nishir Daak' will not get out of the air soon

The daily soap with 'Nishir Daak', which was supposed to air this month, may not end his trip so soon, the sources suggest. Previously, the channel wanted to finalize the program to launch the next program. The last episode of Nishir Daak was aired on July 20.

But now, the channel is reconsidering its decision. Last Friday, the canal authorities and representatives of the production house held a meeting to decide the fate of the supernatural drama Nishir Daak. The sources suggest that both the channel and the production house decided to execute the program since it was only launched last December and has a decent score on the TRP lists. And to provide a space of time for upcoming shows, the channel's authorities are now considering turning off the old shows. Although they have not yet officially announced which program could get off the air instead of Nishir Daak.

The show 'Nishir Daak' presents actors Tumpa Ghosh , Shoumo in the main characters while Sairity Banerjee It is playing a negative role. Child artist Sukanya He is playing Tara. From the actors to the team, everyone was upset to hear the news that 'Nishir Daak' aired earlier.