SC refuses to present an argument against the 'Article 15'

The Supreme Court refused on Monday to receive a petition seeking an address to stop the screening of the movie 'Article 15'.

However, a bank composed of judges SA Bobde and BR Gavai asked the petitioner Brahman Samaj of India (BSOI) to approach the relevant competent authority according to the Law with their complaints, including the issuance of the certificate for the film .

BSOI's national organizing secretary, Nemi Nath Chaturvedi, had approached the court to request the cancellation of the certificate, claiming that the film contained certain questionable dialogues that were spreading the rumor and caste hatred in society.

'Article 15' starring Bollywood The actor Ayushman Khurana was released on June 28.

The petition had requested an address from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to cancel the certification granted to Benaras Media Works Pvt Ltd, regarding the title of the film.

He stated that the use of the articles of the Constitution of India for the title of films without the approval of the government and for the personal/commercial benefit was illegal.

The film is likely to cause severe damage to the public perception of Article 15 and its origin, he said, adding that the CBFC had made a serious mistake in issuing the certificate without taking into account section 3 of the Emblems and Names. (Prevention of inappropriate use) Law of 1950.

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