Written update of Phagun Bou, July 5, 2019: Mili's comments leave Mohul offended

In the last episode of Phagun Bou Mohul is not happy with Mili's behavior. They get into a small discussion.

Like Mohul and Roddur intention to leave, Milli stops them and reminds him (Roddur) about baby food.

Mohul doesn’t like the way Milli forces Roddur to meet her demands. When Mohul suggests that anyone can buy the baby food, it offends Milli . She hits back at Mohul adding that she can’t realize the maternal instinct since she is yet to become one. Mohul gets hurt by such a comment.

On the other hand, Kurchi help Bibi to get educated. They seem to have struck a bond. While, Bibi feels Kurchi's situation, the latter also shows her gratitude towards Bibi for letting her stay. Ayan arrives while they are busy in studying. He is visibly upset with Bibi 's behavior. He wants to send Kurchi to a ladies hostel but Bibi is not ready to let her go.

Kurchi gets afraid seeing Ayan's angry avatar. Bibi assures her and requests Ayan to have food but I have denies out of anger. Bibi makes it clear that Kurchi will stay with them. Ayan cites that he has to face many unwanted questions from neighbours. But Bibi is in no mood to pay much attention to Ayan's words and reminds of his duties towards his first wife Kurchi.