Mazhya Navryachi Bayko written update, July 6, 2019: Gurunath's mother apologizes to Radhika

The last episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko It begins with Gurunath walking through the streets in a drowned state of mind. On the other hand, the residents of the Gulmohar Society try to calm Gurunath's parents who are equally surprised after knowing the reality of Gurunath.

Gurunath's mother tells everyone that she is guilty of supporting Gurunath. In addition, she feels like a criminal for going against Radhika.

Radhika is sitting alone and remembers how everyone was beating Gurunath. Meanwhile, Saumitra arrives there and tries to calm her down. He motivates her to get out of the bad phase of her life and asks her to focus on her business.

Meanwhile, Keddy worries about Shanaya and her mother when they leave their house without informing him.

Shanaya and her mother head to Pune. But suddenly Popatrao gets in his way. He promises to take revenge on Radhika. Later, he forcefully takes them to his house.

At home, Gurunath's mother apologizes to Radhika by touching her feet. She accepts her mistake of supporting Gurunath in front of Radhika.

Finally, Radhika tells Gurunath's mother that she will not allow Gurunath to return home and decide to get away from him. Then, Gurunath's mother also decides to return to Nagpur along with Gurunath's father, but Radhika asks him to stay behind.