Call for a 'gen-next' leader to lead the Congress becomes stronger

NEW DELHI: The view that a young leader must succeed Rahul Gandhi as president is quickly gaining ground with the youth cadres of the party for a Gen Next boss on the old guard.

The preference of the young brigade for the experience of young people increased when the Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh On Saturday he stated that a young man should be chosen as Gandhi's successor.

Although no leader or congressional worker has made any name publicly known, party members said that the Deputy Prime Minister of Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot and the main leader of the Congress Jyotiraditya Scindia They could be the favorites for the most important position in Grand Old Party.

Pilot, 41, led the party to victory in the assembly assemblies, since he has a lot of experience in grassroots organizations. Scindia, 48, is also seen as a dynamic leader with massive appeal, although he could not win his seat in Madhya Pradesh in the election of Lok Sabha.

On Sunday he focused on the young brigade when Scindia made public his resignation as general secretary in charge of western Uttar Pradesh and Milind Deora announced that he had resigned as head of the Mumbai Congress. On Saturday, Keshav Chand Yadav resigned as president of the Youth Congress.

The three resigned citing responsibility, Gandhi's approach after the debacle.

Congress got only one seat in Uttar Pradesh, Sonia Gandhi's in Rae Bareli, and lost all five of the six seats in Mumbai that she contested.

Announcing his resignation as Mumbai congress president, Deora, 42, said he was willing to play a role at the national level to help stabilize the party.

The resignations that cite accountability have put the veterans of the party in a place with increasing pressure to follow their example.

Some leaders of the Youth Congress met with Rahul Gandhi last week and told him that a young leader who has connected with young people is the need of the hour and should receive the reins of the party, the sources said.

Whoever becomes president of the Congress must be someone with whom people can identify themselves throughout the country. People should be able to identify and also look for their long-term future with that president, said a senior leader on condition of anonymity.

Someone who is known, articulate and has charisma is the kind of person that people expect Congress to hand over the reins, he added.

A large part of the party comprising young leaders feels that the party needs to connect with the youth and a young leader in command is a necessity, since an old guard leader may not attract millennials and Gen Next.

Rahul Gandhi has always encouraged and worked to build a strong second-line leadership of young leaders. I completely agree with your vision. Young leaders at all levels of the party, even at the top, should be encouraged, said Congress leader Rajesh Lilothia. PTI.

Lilothia also submitted her resignation as acting chairman of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee along with dozens of incumbents after Rahul Gandhi resigned as chief.

Asked about the situation that arose from Gandhi's resignation, Jitin Prasada, a former Union minister and young face of the Uttar Pradesh party, told PTI: We urge Mr. Gandhi to reconsider his resignation. However, in the letter (Gandhi published on Wednesday spoke about the challenges that lie ahead of the party, which should be discussed and carried out.

Sushil Kumar Shinde, Mallikarjun Kharge, Motilal Vora and Ashok Gehlot are among the likely old guard for the post of party chairman. However, there is no official confirmation in this regard.

On Saturday, Punjab Prime Minister Singh said a young, forward-thinking leader would galvanize the rank and file of the party after Gandhi's unfortunate resignation.

He urged the Congress Working Committee (CWC) to seek the replacement of Gandhi in a charismatic leader of Gen Next, who can excite people with his pan-Indian calling and his popular presence.

Rahul had shown the way for youth leaders to take the reins of the party and guide it to greater heights, he said, adding that with India leading the world in terms of the largest youth population, it was natural for a young leader to understand and relate. with the wishes and aspirations of people more effectively.

Any change in party leadership should reflect the social reality of India, with 65 percent of its population under the age of 35, Singh said.

Last Wednesday, Gandhi publicly announced his resignation as president, taking responsibility for the debacle of the Lok Sabha polls, and called for difficult decisions to rebuild the party and hold people accountable for the failure of 2019.

The 49-year-old leader, who has remained firm in his decision to resign as party president since May 25, two days after the results in which his party won 52 seats, also stressed the need for Congress to transform radically .

He succeeded his mother Sonia Gandhi as president of Congress in December 2017 and his great success as head of the 133-year party was to win the three state elections in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh in December last year.

Congress has not yet finalized the calendar of the important CWC meeting that will declare the way forward for the party in crisis. Until then, more resignations are likely to occur.