Center to present bill to accelerate Lutyens eviction

(This story originally appeared in on July 8, 2019) NEW DELHI: The Center will submit an amendment bill this week to facilitate the government's eviction of squatters, including former parliamentarians and ministers, and even secretary-level officials, from government housing in Lutyens in Delhi .

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs will present the Bill for the Amendment of Public Premises (for Unauthorized Occupants), which would amend the 1971 legislation and make it easier for the government to evict the officials who stayed in the country and free the houses .

The amendments to three main sections of the Act would help the government initiate the eviction proceedings within three days after the end of the official term. Currently, the process takes five to seven weeks, and several years if the official files an appeal against the eviction of a civilian, said a senior ministry official.

There is a shortage of 13,000 and the estimated waiting time to serve employees is eight to 10 years, according to the ministry.

It is likely that the draft amendment will be introduced in the Lok Sabha Monday.

According to the proposed procedure for the eviction of a residential dwelling, a property official (under the direction of ministry farms) would issue a written notice of the cause to a person if they are in an unauthorized occupation of an accommodation residential. The notice would require the person to show the cause why an eviction order should not be filed against him within three business days.