The actor Suban Roy will play a spoiled brat in Ke Apon Ke Por

Television actor Suban Roy, who is a familiar face of Bengali television, has recently joined Ke Apon Ke Por's cast. He will be seen playing the character of a spoiled brat in the show. The woman of Suban Tiyasha He is the main character in the daily soap 'Krishnakoli' and has become a household name with his debut in himself.

The character of Suban on screen. Baba He is the son of a local MLA who exploits his father's power.

His character will wreak havoc on the protagonist of Joba ( Pallavi Sharma ) life. With the introduction of his character, the makers have planned a new twist in the story. Spoilt brat Baba will be seen locking horns with Joba , who can’t stand any injustice. Moreover, Palak’s (played by Anannya Biswas) son Tanna (played by Sayan), who considers Joba as his biggest enemy, will join hands with Baba in the upcoming episodes. They will be seen conspiring against the Sengupta family to take revenge on Joba .

Suban is seen mostly playing negative characters on the screen. He is currently playing a negative character in the recently launched program 'Ek Je Chilo Khoka'.

Many popular actors such as Biswajit Ghosh (male lead), Kalyani Mondal, Suvajit Kar, Saon Dey, Deb Paley, Indranil Chatterjee, Simron Upasdhyay are playing meat roles in this show.