Patricia Arquette almost faints after winning the Oscar

Patricia Arquette said she almost fainted after winning her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2015.

The actor won the Academy Award for his role in Richard Linklater is 'Childhood' and delivered a fiery speech calling for gender equality.

Arquette has revealed that he felt nauseous all the time he was on stage addressing the audience.

It was scary, the whole thing. I wanted to vomit all the time, because I knew I was going to say this, and I felt like I was taking a drug. I think the flood of adrenaline. I almost passed. I went out and was shaking in the backstage. So I'm not going to say it was a nice feeling, Arquette told a British film magazine.

The actress said that being in the race for the prizes was a strange and exhausting process.

"It was really the weirdest thing in the world. I mean, it is like a gauntlet. It really is like a strategy. There are all these different people who work for different films and there are certain parties they send you to and other things you have to go to. But it is endless. By the end, I was like, 'I just want to lay down and cry. I don't know what is going on any more. I'm so confused'," she said.

But for Arquette, winning accolades was not the definition of having a successful run in one is career.

"It was weird because people would look at you like suddenly you had a different value in their eyes. It is like, 'Whoa, people are weird, man'. I got offered some stuff. I wouldn't say it terribly different than stuff I'd been offered before. I didn't think it made a gigantic difference in that way," she said.

In 2016, the actress revealed that her speech about the equality of the Oscars cost her roles in Hollywood .