Bigg Boss Marathi 2, Weekend Cha Daav, July 7, 2019, written update: Surekha Punekar is evicted; refuses to nominate anyone for the eviction

The last episode of Bigg Boss Marathi 2 start with Mahesh Manjrekar assigning the housemates a small activity called 'Ekach Fight Vaatavaran Tight'. According to the task, all the participants eliminate their anger about the participants by sharing their photos in a boxing bag.

During the task, Abhijeet and Neha get into a verbal fight while Abhijeet makes a babble, the latter by Shivani's departure from the show. He says that Neha was responsible for the departure of Shivani, since he had given her (Shivani) a solution when he wanted to go home. Neha tells Mahesh that Abhijeet does not know how he helped Shivani when he was in a bad mental state and, therefore, has no right to comment on their relationship.

Rupali accusing Kishori of not playing with the front foot takes everyone by surprise. He also adds that Kishori has always misinterpreted her.

All hit in the photo of Neha, while Neha first hits on Abhijeet's photo while passing hurtful comments about his behavior. Then he sticks his own photo on the punching bag. She blames herself saying that she should not have shown her true emotions to the housemates, instead, she should have carried a fake smile like the others.

Mahesh then calls a spectator to point out the culprit of the week. The viewer finds fault with Neha for not taking into account the suggestions of other team members while performing the task. He also says that Neha insulted Surekha during a task and, therefore, as a punishment, he asks Neha to apologize to Surekha by touching her feet.

Later, Mahesh announces the eviction. Ask the nominated contestants Rupali, Kishori, Heena, Vaishali and Surekha to sit in the center. Finally, she asks Surekha to pack her up and invites her to take the stage.

The eviction of Surekha leaves the housemates teary.

Mahesh shows Surekha a video clip of his trip in the house of Bigg Boss Marathi. When he asks to nominate someone for next week, she refuses to do so.