Rojoni-r Robi, a musical night to explore the unique union of Tagore and Rajanikanta Sen

Rabindranath Tagore and the intimacy of Rajanikanta Sen, its cultural exchanges and discussions about music and literature are widely discussed. However, what remains to be explored are their mutual musical influences, and the impressions of those musical influences are reflected not only in their songs, but also in their lyrics.

For example, on June 4, 1904, in Santiniketan , Tagore wrote the song, 'darao amar akhir age/tomar drishti hridoye lage'. Being influenced by the melody of this song, in June 1910, at the Calcutta Medical College Hospital, Rajanikanta composed, 'sunao to take omritobani/odhome daki chorone an'. Again, if we analyze two more songs, one composed by Rajanikanta in Bhadra 1312, tumi, Onhin, birat, and nikhilo-byapi-ochyuto okhhoro/ami dhuli-konika, khudro, deeno, nogonyo, tuchho, binoshoworo, and the other written by Rabindranath in Ashwin 1317, probhu amar, priyo amar porom dhon he,/chiropother songi amar chirojibon he - the thematic influence surprises us.

On the occasion of the 154th birthday of Rajanikanta Sen, 'Rojoni-r Robi', conceived and written by the duo Jayita Kundu and Saumya De, will be held on July 28 at the Tagore Research Institute, Rabindracharcha Bhavan, starting at 6 the afternoon. 'Rojoni-r Robi', with Saumya De and Jayita Kundu in musical performances, Sudipa Hari in poetic performances, Tanmoy Saha on keyboard, Dwiptanil Bhattacharya in Sarod and Mainak Biswas in Tabla, is a production investigated to celebrate the traces of these two legends and bring to light their mutual musical influences.

The celebration will feature a special poetry collage performance, with writings by Rajanikanta Sen and Rabindranath Tagore, by 'Srishtinagar', directed by Munmun Mukherjee.

The evening will be directed by Suvadip Dey.

'Rojoni-r Robi' have been knitted with memoirs, reminiscences and anecdotes on Rajanikanta Sen and Rabindranath Tagore. We have designed the presentation with the spiritual songs of Rajanikanta and Rabindranath. Researched presentations of this nature are rare in the arena of Bengali music, and we hope 'Rojoni-r Robi' will enrich sensitive listeners, said Saumya De.

The works of art by Indira Ghosh have enhanced the charm of the presentation, added Saumya De.