Written update of Agnisakshi, July 5, 2019: Chandrika makes a promise

In the last episode of Agnisakshi Upon hearing that his plan failed, Chandrika calls Sannidhi and informs him that he would definitely take revenge on the family members. Sannidhi gets angry and gives an answer according to Chandrika.

But Chandrika does not move away from his decision, instead, swears to destroy the future of Anjali and make his life miserable Sannidhi fears the words of Chandrika and decides to protect Anjali.

Then she visits Anjali's room and confronts her about Chandrika's vow. Anjali, who was talking to Purvi on the phone, disconnects the call and speaks with Sannidhi.

Sannidhi gets excited and asks Anjali not to go anywhere since Chandrika could hurt her. But Anjali does not listen and tries to explain to Sannidhi about the love story of Purvi and Jayanth.

Sannidhi asks Anjali to be safe and informs her about Chandrika's call. Anjali tries to comfort Sannidhi. She was moved and shed tears when she learned of Sannidhi's concern for her.

On the other hand, Chandrika informs his henchmen to have a watch at Anjali's whereabouts. She warns him to stay alert and tells them that Anjali is very intelligent, as he is able to distract them. The henchmen claim to be very careful and disconnect the call.

The next morning, Anjali prepares to attend Poorvi's wedding, but Sannidhi prevents him from leaving. She cites Chandrika's threats as the reason not to let her leave the house. Anjali reasons that she has a duty to attend her friend's wedding.

Sannidhi remembers Chandrika's vow and informs her that she will also accompany her to the wedding. Anjali accepts it and asks Sannidhi to prepare quickly, since they would be late for the wedding.