Congreso, JD (S) offers mantri publications to the rebels in the last offer to save the government

BENGALURU: In a last-ditch attempt to save the coalition government in Karnataka, which falters after the resignation of the 10th Congress and the three MLAs of JD (S), the leaders of both parties made frantic efforts to reach the rebels on Sunday. offering to do most of them ministers and promising generous funds to their constituents. The rebels, however, rejected the offer.

Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy , who returned to Bengaluru on Sunday night after a personal trip to the United States, is ready to convene an emergency cabinet meeting on Monday, in which he is expected to seek the resignation of some ministers to make way for the rebels The minister of water resources and strong man of Congress, DK Shivakumar, declared himself the first volunteer: I am willing to resign if that will save this government.

Ten of the disgruntled MLAs, who have registered at a luxury hotel in Mumbai since Saturday night, rejected the offer completely. They said that the three remaining MLAs would also join them on Monday and that there was no doubt about returning to their decision. One of the rebels, Prathap Gouda Patil, said that the future course was clear, that the 13 MLA would join the BJP.

With speaker KR Ramesh scheduled to assume the resignations on Tuesday, Congress moved to establish the legal line. It has convened a meeting of the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) on Tuesday at 9.30 am and it is likely that a whip will be issued to all MLAs, including rebels. The measure was to catch the rebels legally so that their challenge would have consequences, said an MLA Congress. Strict measures will be taken against the MLA that do not attend the meeting, Siddaramaiah warned in a letter sent to all the participating MLAs. It is likely that JD (S) will also call a legislative party meeting soon.

Both parties are expected to send their MLAs to tourist centers after the meetings to avoid the BJP attempt. The saffron party, on the other hand, is convening its legislative party meeting at 5 pm Monday at a five-star hotel near Yelahanka. It is believed that BJP has reserved 30 rooms for its 105 MLA, which may be asked to remain there for a few days to avoid any attempt at counter-poaching.

BJP, however, maintained that it had no role to play in the current crisis. We are not going to meet the governor. We will wait for the speaker's decision on Tuesday, said the president of the state party, BS Yeddyurappa.

In rejecting the BJP's claims, Major Congressman Mallikarjun Kharge said: Most of the MLAs of the rebel-JD Congress (S) have not gone to Mumbai of their own free will. Some of them are in contact with our MLA and will return. Accusing BJP of employing similar tactics in 10 other states, he said: But for BJP, how could the rebel MLAs organize a special flight to Mumbai? Do our rebels have so much money?

Kharge, the general secretary of the AICC and Karnataka in charge KC Venugopal and party leaders Siddaramaiah, G Parameshwara and MB Patil met in a series of meetings on Sunday and decided to offer ministries to as many rebels as possible. They were also in constant contact with Patriarch JD (S) HD Deve Gowda. Kumaraswamy, who landed in the city around 8:30 pm, entered a meeting with the leaders of Congress immediately afterwards.

The sources said that, rather than persuading all the rebel MLAs who were camping in Mumbai, the coalition partners were focusing on recovering the MLAs of Bengaluru, ST Somashekar, Byrathi Basavaraju, N Munirathna and Ramalinga Reddy, since their resignations were provoked by a group with the deputy CM and Bengaluru development minister, G Parameshwara. It was considered unlikely that these MLA would enter the BJP fold, the sources added.

The objective is to get the four MLAs to withdraw their resignations before Tuesday before the President takes them into consideration, said a member of the MLA of Congress, adding that if that happened, the government would get a break to shore up their numbers.

In Mumbai, rebel MLA BC Patil said: We have come a long way and coming back from here is not possible. Let them keep their ministerial positions. Since we submitted our resignations, it is not about attending the CLP meeting. We are 13 MLAs and we are all together. It is not about returning to our decision, said Somashekar.