Karun Nair will lead KSCA XI

BENGALURU: The season for the cricket players of Karnataka will start on Wednesday with Dr. Dr. Capt. K Thimmappiah Memorial Tournament . The event will have 16 teams divided into four groups with the hosts in four teams. Among the new entrants will be Bangladesh. Cricket Board XI, the only foreign side in the fray.

The Karnataka cricket cream will be displayed in the four-day format tournament that also serves as a selection for different age groups and teams of older men. The hosts will be represented by KSCA XI, XI of the President of KSCA, XI of the Secretary of KSCA and the Colts of KSCA. The four teams will be led by Karun Nair , Pavan Deshpande, Rohan Kadam and Nikin Jose respectively.

While the T20 sensation of last season, Rohan Kadam, will seek to prove his worth in the red ball game, others like Abhishek Reddy and Shishir Bhavane, who fell off the radar in the previous season, will be willing to compensate. For pacemakers like T Pradeep and David Mathais, who are returning from injury, they will look to get back in shape.

The tournament has much to offer for the players, who have been rewarded for their performance in the KSCA league and for those seeking to enter or claim their place in the Karnataka teams.

Squadrons: KSCA Colts: Nikin Jose SJ (Captain), Devdutt Padikkal, Sujith N Gowda, Smaran R, Kishan Bedare, Sujay Sateri (Wicket-Keeper), Venkatesh M, Santok Singh, Abhilash Shetty, Pranav Bhatia, Kushal Wadhichani, Abheis Shetty , Kashal Wadhichani, Rishi Bopanna, Aditya Goyal, Chethan LR (in charge of Wicket).

XI of the president of KSCA: Pawan Deshpande (Captain), Liyan Khan, Shishir Bhavane, Mir Kaunain Abbas, Shrijith KL, Sharath BR (Wicket-manager), Aditya Somanna, Ritesh Bhatkal, Koushik V, Avinash D, Cariappa KC, Ritesh Bhatkal , Jaysuuu Shu Shuiru Shuiru Shanir Shanir Bhavane) Shekawat, Bhavesh Gulacha, Bharath Dhuri.

XI of the secretary of KSCA: Rohan Kadam (Captain), Prithvi Varadarajan, Abhinav Manohar, Naga Bharath, Chiranjeevi GS (Wicket-holder), Pravin Dubey, Nishanth Singh Shekawat, Karthik CA, Aman Khan, Anand Doddamani, Shansas of the citadel, Camilo de Juzguín, Camilo de Juzguín, Camilo de Juzguín, Shadiku KS, Nihal Ullal (in charge of Wicket), Vidwath Kaverappa.

KSCA XI: Nischal D, Samarth R, Abhishek Reddy, Karun Nair (Captain), Siddharth KV, Shreyas Gopal, Sharath Srinivas (Wicket-keeper), Suchith J, Prasidh M Krishna, David Mathias, Pradeep T Adarsh ​​Prajwal (Wicket-keeper ), Anil IG, Prateek Jain, Dheeraj S.

Groups: Zone 'A': KSCA XI, Cricket Association of Bengal, Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association, Kerala Cricket Association.

Zone 'B': XI of the secretary of KSCA, Bangladesh Cricket Board XI, Vidharbha Cricket Association, Dr. DY Patl Cricket Academy.

Zone 'C': KSCA Colts, Mumbai Cricket Association, Team Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh State CA.

Zone 'D' (Mysore): KSCA President's XI, Jharkhand State Cricket Association, Andhra Cricket Association, Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association.