Mrunal Thakur: I can not attract the audience with glamor

Actor Mrunal Thakur He said it is an exciting time for actors to experiment with more courageous roles and not be limited to glamorous parties, since the audience is only looking for good performances today.

Mrunal, who made his debut on the big screen with the acclaimed critique. 'Love Sonia' Last year, he said that people recommended him to choose a more conventional film instead of drama.

As an actor I just want to perform, there were lots of people who told me 'are you mad to choose' Love Sonia 'as your first film?' I was told to do something light, romantic and glamorous, but I felt the audience is smart today, we can not hear them with a great, glamorous look. news agency.

Though 'Love Sonia' was far removed from the traditional commercial cinema of Bollywood , the actor said the movie gave him a lot, including the next one, 'Super 30' .

When asked if it was difficult for her to break from the film and find other roles, Mrunal said, It was not difficult for me. 'Love Sonia' is very lucky for my career, I owe a lot to it. have a 'Casa Batla' , 'Super 30', it's only because of 'Love Sonia'.

With the buzz that he created, he helped me. When you act in your first movie, add a lot to your career graph. The trip becomes easy.

Mrunal began his career with television before moving on to the big screen and the actor said that over time he has become more aware as an interpreter.

Initially I was doing it for fun, but now I take it very seriously. I owe my career to television. Most of my training has been through television. On television, you do not have enough time to prepare for your character. In movies, you have appropriate scripts and you have time. I have evolved as an actor.

What has also helped the actor, is getting paired opposite Hrithik in 'Super 30', as she learned a lot observing the star.

I learned a lot from him, not only as an actor, but also as a human being. I will know more about him in all the promotional activities we are doing for the film. His thought process to choose a movie, the preparations, he did not know when we were filming. I am pleased to have worked with an actor who has played such versatile roles. I'm taking that as an inspiration.

As an outsider, Mrunal believes in the slogan of the film, the son of a King will no longer become the king and said it is important that one have faith and continue steadily in the industry.

What is important is the kind of faith that you have inside of you. Slow and constant, things happen. You need to have patience. I'm glad that people are close to talent and that our audience is changing. The new audience is looking for creatively satisfying films. I am happy for the way my career is moving and the appreciation I am getting, he added.

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