Happy to be presented as a story writer through a massive commercial movie like 'Kalki': Sai Tej Deshraj

After successfully narrating a story to the actor. Rajasekhar and turning it into a movie in a short time, Sai Tej Who was introduced to the industry with the recent movie. Kalki Talk about your trip to the industry and your future projects.

Tell us about yourself and the birth of Kalki?

Come from Mahabubnagar district. I have written many stories since I became interested in writing since childhood. But there is no adequate means to publish them or take them to the community. I retired from the effort, since it required a lot of money to bring them in the form of a book. Around that time, I came across a website called ' kahanid.com ' I read that you can write your stories for free, and immediately started writing. The first story I wrote was 'Kalki'. I wrote this story for about six months in 46 episodes. The 'Kalki' story is the most popular on the website. Then the website owner Pallav introduced me to Prashant Verma.

What happened when you met him?

When I was introduced to Prashant Varma, I was busy filming the movie 'Awe!'. I worked as an associate writer for that film. During that film, I asked about a story for Rajasekhar. Then I told him about this 'Kalki' story. I have given almost three and a half hours of narration. I liked it and immediately took me to Rajasekhar to give the narration.

Will he continue his career as a writer or aspire to become a director as well?

The idea is there (to be a director). The stories I've written so far are all for high budget films, which is why I want to write a story with a low budget. I'm writing a story my hometown Mahbubnagar as the backdrop. The film 'Kalki' is also a fictional story based on some real events of 1991 - 92 in Kolhapur Province, Nallamala Forest and the surroundings of the Krishna River.