Milind Deora resigns as president of the Mumbai Congress

MUMBAI: Mumbai Congress President Milind Deora announced his resignation on Sunday and said he hoped to play a role at the national level to help stabilize the party.

He recommended establishing a provisional collective leadership composed of three main congressional leaders to oversee the unity of the city party until the elections of the Maharashtra Assembly to be held later this year.

A statement issued Sunday by his office said taking the BJP-Shiv Sena and denying the impact of Vanchit Aghadi is a challenge for Congress in Maharashtra.

Deora expressed her desire to resign shortly after meeting with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi on June 26.

The same has been transmitted to all the general secretaries of the Committee of the Congress of India. Mallikarjun Kharge and K C Venugopal, the statement said.

When contacted, Deora said that the political realities have changed since the results of Lok Sabha. We will all have to prepare for the roles that these times demand, he said.

Deora was named president of the Mumbai Congress on the eve of the Lok Sabha polls conducted this year.

He had accepted the presidency of MRCC with the interest of uniting the party. I felt that I should also resign after meeting Rahul Gandhi, he said.

Gandhi resigned as president of Congress at a CWC meeting on May 25, two days after the election results of Lok Sabha were declared.

I have suggested a panel of three members (to oversee the city party unit) and the leaders consult me ​​to identify names. I hope to play a national role to help stabilize the game. Needless to say, I will continue to lead and unite the Mumbai Congress, said Deora.

Deora contested the Lok Sabha poll of the Mumbai-South constituency, but lost Shiv Sena 's.

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