Written update of Koilamma, July 6, 2019: Love to find the secret of Sameer and Kokila?

In the last episode of Koilamma , Kokila hides the suitcase with cash in the closet. Manorama notices this and asks Kokila to lock the closet. While Kokila is reluctant about the same, Manorama locks it and gives the keys to Kokila. The house help comes in with coffee and Kokila finds him familiar. She eventually feels glad that he could not recognize her. Manorama grows suspicious over Kokila 's connection with the house help.

Meanwhile, Sameer is seen lost in thoughts about Kokila. Sindhu arrives and tries to cheer him up. She asks the house to take them around in the village and show their fields. I have replies that I will take them after you have completed a task assigned by Kokila. Sindhu feels insulted and Manorama tries to add fuel to the fire. Sameer tries to divert Sindhu.

The artist, who sketched the portrait of Sameer and Kokila, calls up the guest house and to love takes the call. to love pretends to be knowing the artist before. Assuming him to be Sameer , the artist informs to love that he will come down to gift the portrait the next day.

Meanwhile at Srirangapatnam, Ashok and Manoj are glad to overlook the preparations of the music contest. A few old students of Ashok arrive and ask him to invite Kokila as well. Ashok is disturbed by the mention of Kokila. Manoj tries to comfort him.

Kokila and to love visit their fields and get nostalgic. Kokila tells him that they have sold a few acres to them in the past. to love is surprised to know that they bought land from Kokila before marriage. He then tells Kokila that she is the queen of their empire. Sindhu and Sameer gets envious. She determines to ruin Kokila ’s happiness.