The science teacher decided to sacrifice a frustrated 3-year-old boy in Assam

GUWAHATI: A supposed attempt at human sacrifice was foiled in Kalaigaon in the Udalguri district on Saturday morning after locals and police intervened. Three men, who performed the rituals before the sacrifice, were shot and wounded in police shots.

Jadav Saharia, a high school science teacher, and his family would have been performing naked rituals at home for a week with the help of a priest, who has now been placed in police custody.

Four men, including the priest, and three women had been performing a strange bid at Saharia's residence for days. Today (Saturday), the men set fire to their house and a bicycle. When a young local saw smoke, he ran there and saw them preparing to sacrifice a three-year-old boy, also a family member, a local said, adding that other villagers soon gathered there and called the police.

The women were ringing bells in a makeshift temple in their facilities. In the midst of the loud noise, someone managed to rescue the child. It was then when the family returned the blow, attacked us and the police with weapons and sharp stones, the local added.

The subsequent suspension lasted three hours before the police could dominate the family. At one point, we had to open fire as a preventive measure and three male members of the family were injured. They are in treatment in a hospital. We are investigating the incident, said Udalguri SP Longnit Terang.

While the villagers insisted that the family was about to sacrifice the three-year-old girl, the police refused to comment on the angle of human sacrifice.

Those involved in the rituals attacked the neighbors and police when they intervened. The boy was rescued. Three people were injured in the police shooting.