Hyderabad: the cook throws hot oil to the client after an argument

HYDERABAD: A delay in service led to a launch in Chandrayangutta on Friday. Police said that client Mohammed Bin Bakshadi had gone to a hotel in Hashamabad for breakfast on Friday morning and had ordered puris. The cook, Syed Ibrahim, asked Bakshadi to wait 15 minutes.

After half an hour, the puris were not taken care of and the client, annoyed by the delay, went to confront the cook. The subsequent argument that saw an exchange of obscurities between the two. Then, the client left the place and returned with four associates to confront the cook again. This time, the cook took a ladle of boiling oil and threw it to Bakshadi, who suffered burns to his face, neck and hands. On the basis of Bakshadi's complaint, the police have recorded a case against the cook.