British Prime Minister Boris: immigrants must learn English

LONDON: Boris Johnson , the favorite to succeed Theresa may as the prime minister of Great Britain, he has said he would demand that immigrants to Britain learn English.

I want everyone who comes here and makes their life here to be and feel British, that's the most important thing. And to learn English, Johnson said Friday at a meeting of members of the conservative association, who are voting in a competition between Johnson and Jeremy Hunt , the secretary of foreign affairs.

Very often there are parts of our country, parts of London still and other cities, where some people do not speak English as their first language, said Johnson. And that needs to be changed.

Johnson, a hard-liner on , seems poised for a landslide victory when roughly 1,60,000 Conservative Party members vote for a new party leader, and by default, the next prime minister. He has the support of 74% of party voters, compared to the more than 26% backing Hunt, according to a poll by YouGov for The Times of London . Ballots are being sent by mail to the members, who must return them in time for the end of voting on July 22.