The United States demands that El Chapo lose $ 12.7 billion in drug money

NEW YORK: Prosecutors said Friday they were seeking $ 12.7 billion from convicted drug lord Joaquin Guzman based on a conservative estimate of drug proceeds from his cartel in the United States.

According to a motion filed by federal prosecutor Richard Donoghue, the authorities have the right to confiscation of all property that constitutes or derives from the narcotics-related offenses of the defendant. According to the authorities, according to the prices of medicines cited by several witnesses, Guzmán's 25 years reign over the net sales of about $ 11.8 billion in cocaine, $ 846 million in marijuana and $ 11 million in heroin.

The money was laundered and used to pay cartel workers and suppliers, as well as to buy communications equipment and aircraft, submarines and other vehicles.

The government does not need to prove that the defendant can pay the confiscation money sentence; you just have to prove it with overwhelming evidence that the amount you are looking for can be lost, prosecutors said.

Guzman's attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, told the US media that the lawsuit is largely an academic exercise, since the government has never located or identified a penny of the $ 12.7 billion in revenue supposedly generated by Mr. Guzmán Guzmán, 62, was convicted in February after a three-month trial for trafficking hundreds of tons of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and marijuana to the United States over the course of 25 years.

He was also convicted money laundering and charges of possession of weapons by juries who heard how he had beaten, shot and even buried alive those who stood in his way.

A former associate of El Chapo said during the trial that the drug lord had a lavish lifestyle in the 90s, the maximum of his power, with four planes to travel the world, a mansion facing the sea in Acapulco and a private zoo in its extensive property in Guadalajara. .

It was not clear what assets Guzman has after his extradition to the United States in January 2017 and which have been transferred to family and friends.

Guzman is expected to be sentenced on July 17, and is expected to be ordered to spend the rest of his life in prison.