'Pandrikku Nandri Sol' is an adventure film that is also a black comedy.

A team of young people, predominantly from Coimbatore, has joined and made the next film entitled Pandrikku Nandri Sol . Your director, Bala Aran , says that the film is a mixture of two genres - black comedy and adventure. The story revolves around a few people who are looking for a treasure.

We did our VisCom at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Hindustan, Coimbatore, and we were making short films. We began to receive recognition for these shorts, and one in particular, Mullin Nizhalum Kuthitru, was one of the final nominees in a popular awards ceremony in the category of short films. The director of Madhubaanakadai, Kamalakannan and Shivaraj, of Kadhal Kan Kattuthe, were also famous of our university, and they inspired us to make a feature film. Vignesh Selvaraj, who filmed this film, also produced it, Bala recounts his trip to Kollywood .

The cast consists mainly of new faces. We have a couple of familiar faces. Chella The YouTube group Nakkalites has played an important role as a police officer. Joe Malloori of Kumki fame has played a guest role. The writer Auto Chandran, whose novel was adapted as Visaaranai, will also be seen in a small but crucial role, Bala reveals.

Ask him about the intriguing title, he says: We have not called him just because it sounds different. Yes, a pig will be an important character, but I can not reveal much about that now. You will understand why this title is appropriate once you see the movie.