Aryann enters action mode for his next

For the social circle of Bengaluru is the affable. Santhosh , who has also been making inroads into Kannada cinema and television. Somewhere along the way, he changed his screen name to Aryavardhan and now, Aryann , accompanied with an attempt at an image on the screen. makeover also.nWith his next film, which still has no title, the actor is trying to change his image as an action hero. And following the images he has shared, it seems that he has done everything possible to change his appearance to adapt to this image.

We have filmed about 30% of the movie, which is being directed by Shivaganesh , who debuted with Jigarthanda . We have been working on this script for a couple of years, which is based on a few true incidents, and can be called an action-thriller with romance. I have two different shades in the film, and this particular look goes in tune with the ‘revenge’ phase in the narrative. This is the first time that I am going into action mode, for which I have had a complete makeover in my physical appearance and onscreen characterisation. Currently, we are focusing on the second half of the film, which is action packed. We have five mass action scenes, each of which has been shot in a different backdrop and with well-choreographed moves that do not look larger-than-life,” says Aryann .