From the ice creams in India Gate to the momos in Def Col: the favorite monsoon memories of Delhi from the TV actors

After more than two months of summer, the weather gods finally smiled at us. When the rain hit the city on Thursday, it gave Delhi a much needed respite from the heat. And if you follow the weather forecast, N do R is scheduled to rain in the coming days. If you plan to go out and enjoy the weather with masala chai and pakoras, you can follow the example of these actors from Delhi who tell us about their favorite monsoon meeting places.

Nishant Singh Malkani: You can always go to the Gateway of India for some ice cream and fun

I like how mitti It smells after the rain. Everything looks beautiful and fresh. When it rains, you can always head to the Gateway of India for some ice cream and fun. I also love boiled corn bhel and we hope to have chaat near the door of India.


Ansh Bagri: I miss the tapri ki chai of Lalan do hai Wala in Mumbai

I have so many amazing memories of the rains in Delhi. Jab bhi baarish hoti thi, We used to leave all the work and go for a walk around the city. I used to go out with my friends from college just for the tai ki chai & pakoras Iríamos a Lalan do hai Wala en Safdarjung Enclave & también tendríamos kathi roll there. I miss you in Mumbai!


Shivin Narang: Siempre voy a do P & puerta de la India por calle f. ood

I am a f ood ie & I love hogging all the yummy street f ood . Jab bhi I am in Delhi during the monsoon, I go to do onnaught Place & India Gate with my friends & have as much of street f ood as I can. Also, there’s a great tea joint in N block where I always go.


Kritika Avasthi: I'm going to defense do olonia to have tandoori momos

The rains have given us relief from the blazing heat. When it rains, I try to go to Defense of olony's Flyover Market to have tandoori momos They serve the momos with mint chutney & salsa roja picante & son para morirse.


Keith Sequeira: Love's Bengali Market's Aloo Tikki & samosa

For me, monsoon is a reminder of the earthy smell of the soil. Yes, we had a lot of traffic jams & water logging under the bridges, but for me monsoon is a happy time. Delhi becomes a lot more beautiful. Whenever it rains, I go to Bengali Market for aloo tikki . Even the samosa s they are great here Sheen-rain-2

Sheen Das: Baarish mein Kunzum of afé ki chai is the best

I used to go to Huaz Khas with my friends every time it rained. We would shop & also chill at Kunzum do afe. The cafe has a library, you can also have tea & cookies there & pay whatever you want to. Baarish mein Kunzum ki chai is the best. When it would stop raining, we used to go to the fort & chit chat there.Gaurav-Gera-20190619_191039

Gaurav Gera: I make sure to visit Jassu bhai halwai wala in GK 2

The monsoon of Delhi is impressive. I always liked to leave when it rained to eat. chaat , take a cup of hot coffee or just, wander. It is very funny here. Whenever I'm in Delhi during the monsoon, I make sure to visit GK 2 to get information pyaaz ki kachori with masala chai in Jassu Bhai Halwai Wala. Sourabh-Raaj-Jain

Sourabh Raaj Jain : I love the hot spicy meals at Kake Da Dhaba in P

I remember playing football in the mud during monsoon. It used to be so much fun! And when I would kick the ball, mud would fly all around, smearing anyone who is close by. Many a times, my friends & I would drive around in do onnaught Place with our windows rolled down. We would then stop at Kake Da Dhaba on the Outer do ircle to relish hot spicy meals.


Donal Bisht: Lajpat Nagar's do hinese do haat Wala is the best

Although I am from Noida, whenever it would rain, we used to go for a drive & would mostly go to Lajpat Nagar. There’s a

do hinese chaat wala, usski chaat khaane ke liye log dur dur se aate hain. It’s the best. I used to have the chaat there & would later shop. There’s also a very famous chhole bhature wala in Geeta do olony. We used to go there for his paneer wale bhature.

Rohan-Mehra-Rohan-2 Rohan Mehra: Uncle Tom's maggi is a must in the monsoon

I graduated from Hansraj do ollege. Whenever I visit Delhi during the monsoon, my friends & I meet up & go to the North do ampus to reminisce our college days & have maggi. I love Tom Uncle’s maggi. It’s a rain must-have. I remember driving with friends to North do ampus during the surprise showers & having chai , maggi or tortilla.