Chhattisgarh: Four Maoists wanted dead in a meeting, weapons seized

RAIPUR: Security forces killed four Maoists with a cash reward of Rs 12 lakh in their head on Saturday morning in the forests of the Dhamari district.

Uniformed bodies of three of the four dead Maoists, including three female cadres, were recovered from the scene along with seven weapons. The operation was carried out by the jawans of the Task Force near the village of Mechka. This includes the death of 370 Maoists since January 2016 and some 34 bodies recovered this year with the arrest of 244 and 160 ultras delivered.

According to the state police chief, on the basis of intelligence information, a joint STF team and district forces conducted an anti-Maoist operation in the Mechka forests when there was a meeting between the Maoists and the personnel. of security in Mandagiri. The meeting took place around 6 in the morning and the battle of arms that lasted about half an hour forced the rebels to retreat to the forests.

During the reorganization of the area, the security personnel recovered three uniformed bodies of the ultras and another, of which three were women with weapons including a 303 rifle, a weapon made in one country and five 12-point rifles, among other publications and daily use material seized.

The dead Maoists were identified as Pramila alias Rajula Sitanadi member of the area committee with cash reward of Rs 5 lakh, member of the Raju Nagri area committee with cash reward of Rs 5 lakh, Durga alias Manjula, Gobra LOS (squadron of local operations) with cash reward of Rs 1 lakh and Munni aka Rashmi Gobra member of LOS with cash reward of Rs 1 lakh. All were reserved in several police stations in Dhamtari district under criminal sections of killings, loot, dacoity and burning down vehicles and schools, Awasthi said.

He added that at the last minute, on the basis of intelligence contributions, joint operations with the district and STF have increased the pressure on the main Maoist leaders centered mainly in the districts of Gariyaband, Dhamtari and Kanker, which led to major clashes and meetings in the joint divisions of Mainpur-Nuapada maurists.

On June 18, the highest-ranking woman Seema, who was secretary of the Sitanadi area committee and a member of the divisional area committee, was killed in a meeting. She received a cash reward of 8 lakhs. On May 11, the Sewak corpse who was commander of Gobra LOS and member of the area committee who carried a cash reward of Rs 5 lakh, was shot dead in a meeting last year in May.

Among the most important arrests are Muiwa, the secretary of the Nagri area committee with a reward of 8 lakhs on June 26, Ajit and Ramsu, both members of the Sitanadi area committee with a cash reward of 5 lakh each One was arrested on March 31 and Arjun, the member technical team caught on April 24.

The Director General said that such operations would continue and that the pressure on the Maoists would increase further, adding that local intelligence was also strengthening.