FIDE restores the rating of Gurpreet and Duggal

Chennai, July 6 () The international chess organism FIDE has restored the qualifications of Gurpreet Pal Singh and Karun Duggal, who were banned by the All India Chess Federation (AICF) for participating in unrecognized tournaments.

The announcement of FIDE arrived on Friday.

Singh, who used to be among the 100 best players in India before the ban, has a score of 2,306 points, while Duggal has 1,990 points.

Both players thanked FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich and Vice President Nigel Short, but they are aware that there is still a long fight against the AICF before they can start playing again in India.

After nine years, I regained my qualification. However, there is not much emotion. I will have to play tournaments abroad to improve my qualification, Singh said.

In addition to Singh and Duggal, Hemant Sharma and Devendra Bajpai had filed a complaint against the AICF with the Competition Commission of India, alleging violation of the provisions of Articles 3 and 4 of the Competition Law.

The case is still pending despite his order against the AICF in July 2018.

In July of last year, the JRC held that the commitment prescribed by the AICF for players with respect to non-participation in events, not authorized by it, amounts to restrictions that were of the nature of exclusive distribution and refusal to negotiate as defined. in Section 3 (f) and 3 (4) (d) of the Competition Law, 2002.

By imposing a penalty of Rs 6,92,350 on the AICF for infringing the provisions of Section 4 of the Law, the JRC held that failure to comply with such a commitment will result in the banning of players and the elimination of their Elo rating, creating entry barriers, excludes competition and restricts the opportunities available to chess players.

The AICF had said in February that it had eliminated the restrictive commitment that players had to assume when registering in the body, which sought to comply with the order of the Indian Competition Commission. Duggal, however, maintained that the re-enrollment form still contained a clause asking players to apologize for the infractions committed (by the player) of any of the instructions, regulations of the AICF. SS AT AT