Sauraseni is too busy to watch cricket

Despite being a Cricket fanatic, Sauraseni Maitra can not see the progress Cricket World Cup Matches, thanks to your busy schedule. The actress affirms that she is not one of those fans who only watch Indian games, but she is also interested in the games of other teams. However, the labor pressure has allowed the actress to capture only Indian matches this time.

“Though I love to follow the entire tournament, I am unable to do it. Currently, I am dubbing for a web series and will soon start working on another short film. After 12- and 14-hour shifts, I don’t get any time to watch Cricket ,” she said, adding that despite everything she has seen the India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh matches.

In addition, Sauraseni told us that he has not been able to go on vacation for a long time. So, this month, she is planning a short trip to Golkonda or Goa. Nothing is fixed yet, but I'm dying to go somewhere. Once I return, I will have to start working on the new projects, he added.

Sauraseni's latest film was Generation Aami by Mainak Bhaumik and the film was appreciated by audiences of all generations. The drama of the segment of life, which motivates people to live their dreams, the stars. Auddy Aparajita Sauraseni Maitra Shantilal Mukherjee and Rwitobroto Mukherjee at the head. He made the audience nostalgic about his teenage life. The film also showed the bond between the brothers, who could fight often but still love each other.