Ishaa is worried about future projects.

After the success of his two consecutive films, Sweater & Durgeshgorer Guptodhon , Ishaa Saha is in cloud nine. The overwhelming response & feedback have to the film have not only made the actress happy, but it has also inspired Ishaa for her future projects. She said that her performance in both the films has been widely appreciated.

“This is making me happy & tense at the same time. Both the films have increased the expectations of the audience & at this point in time, if I take a wrong decision, it will do me great harm,” she told us.

Talking about the feedback she received from a five-year-old at a recent gathering, Ishaa said, She told me that she liked Sonada , Abir & Jhinuk a lot. I was overwhelmed to meet one of the youngest fans of Sonada . This is a huge gain. The film has upped the expectations of people further. While I am enjoying this, I am also worried about my future projects,” she added.

After two consecutive films of the franchise, director Dhrubo Banerjee said that he will take some time before making the third film of the series. Both the films have been accepted equally well & Dhrubo said the audience will have to wait for the third flick. “ Sonada was a relatively new character & two back-to-back two films were needed to establish him in the psyche of the audience. But now I think I should make the third one after waiting for some time,” he said.